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First graders at Sycamore School learned about their membership in COMMUNITY by undertaking four levels of service learning. On a local level, they recorded and donated audio books to their school.  On a regional level, they made fleece blankets for county Project Linus. On a national level, they wrote and illustrated stories for deployed service members. And at the global level, they produced shoe components to protect Ugandan children from sand fleas. This project was led by educator Jennifer Hendry.

Third graders at Orchard School combated wintercreeper, an invasive species in the school's adjoining woods. After surveying the breadth of the invasion, conducting experiments to remove it from the woods, and creating a service announcement to educate the public, they petitioned the Department of Natural Resources for a new rule prohibiting the purchase and sale of this invasive species.  This project was led by educator Nate Mylin.

As part of their Year of Service Program, University High School students educated their peers in various city schoools about (a) the harmful effects of stress and (b) the benefits of yoga practice to relieve that stress and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Together with Indy Yoga Movement, students volunteered as demonstrators and instructors. This projects was directed by educator Lade Akande.  

Examples of other service learning projects qualifying for funding:



  • Electronics recycling.  Components: student-prepared presentation at an all-school meeting about dangers of dumping electronics into landfills; information booth at local earth fair; recycling drive to collect and properly dispose of small electronics. Requested: $250 for booth supplies, printing publicity fliers.


  • Elder care.  Components: interview 20 residents of assisted living facility; create compilation books of childhood memories. Requested: $250 printing costs.


  • Community garden.  Components: hire expert on benefits of community gardens to conduct three seminars for students; build garden; institute long-term upkeep plan. Requested: $500 for speaker fee, gardening supplies.


  • Global water crisis.  Components: mural constructed in cafeteria; physical education activity simulating water fetching and carrying; information booths during school festival; classroom educational units; fundraiser for water drilling project at school in Africa; pen-pal program with the same school. Requested: $1,000 for mural supplies, booth materials, educational booklets, fundraising letters & scorecards, postage for pen-pal program.

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